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How do Sleep Heavy blankets actually work?

Not only do our customers vouch for our products, science does too!

Our weighted blankets use a method called Deep Pressure Stimulation.The weight from your blanket encourages your body to make the switch from fight or flight to rest and digest, bringing a sense of calm and peace to your mind and body.

Hence, they’re the perfect tool for those who struggle with relaxation and falling asleep at night. Find out more about how our blankets work here. 

  • "I recently purchased a blanket for my son who has trouble falling asleep and anxiety around sleeping. Since using the blanket he has been falling asleep much faster and staying asleep. He loves the softness of the blanket and he feels secure with the weight of it. Well worth the purchase for us. Thanks!"

    - Sarah. B

  • "Wow is all I can say. I had been holding off purchasing a blanket mainly because I was skeptical of how well it would actually work, but l was proven wrong. I am now able to sleep through the whole night not waking and fall asleep at a reasonable hour, yes the blanket is heavy but with no added warmth I don’t overheat. Can’t recommend highly enough."

    - Aimee R

  • "The best, softest, silk touch material, not harsh like other mink blankets at all. and the white is so white. Having the patterned side and blank side is also clever. Thanks guys.
    You’ll see more purchases from me soon!"

    - Romaney M

  • "I am madly in love with my weighted blanked my mum brought for me I am currently going through alot with my mental health and a lower back pain and I need to take medication for sleeping but I always woke tired and moody but with this blanket I'm falling asleep easier and sleeping most of the night and feeling like I'm not tired when I wake I can't thank you enough for this blanket and my mum for this gift I am in love thank you"

    - Ruth M

Sleep Heavy is an ACC registered vendor.

Do you suffer sleep deprivation from Insomnia, PTSD, trauma, anxiety or stress as a result of an injury?

Sleep Heavy is an ACC registered vendor meaning you can most likely have one of our weighted blankets funded as a treatment for any sleep related issues.

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