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Cotton Weighted Blanket

Cotton Weighted Blanket

337 reviews
  • Fast and free shipping anywhere in New Zealand
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • 5 year warranty
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“I should have got one years ago! Such a deep truly restful sleep, everyone should have one of these! The anxiety of the day is no longer troubling me through my sleep, such a life saver!”


Hot, stressed and sleep deprived? Our cotton weighted blanket is the perfect solution. It’s soft, breathable and encourages an immediate sense of calm using deep pressure stimulation.

Product Details

Each cotton blanket features:
A cotton weighted insert filled with fine-grade glass beads.
Precise stitching and premium rope ties to ensure weight stays evenly distributed.
A soft, natural cover, easy to remove and wash.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping takes roughly 2-5 business days.

Free shipping & hassle free returns anywhere in New Zealand (just pay return shipping).
30 days 'no questions asked' return policy.

Care Instructions

Our cotton covers are removable and machine washable, holding their quality and softness with each wash.

We recommend using a gentle cycle and air drying. If you’d like to wash your weighed inner, hand wash with cold water and air dry.


100% money back guarantee.
If you decide our blankets aren’t for you, simply send it back for a full refund (no questions asked).
We don’t just preach premium quality, we practice it with our 5 year warranty.

Blanket Dimensions

Single 122cm x 183cm
Double 152cm x 203cm
King/Queen 218cm x 228cm

Available in 6.8kg & 9kg

We recommend aiming for 10% of your body weight. Feel free to size up or down depending on your preference.

See Size Guide below to compare to your mattress/bed size.

Size Reference

Single 122cm x 183cm
Double 152cm x 203cm
King/Queen 218cm x 228cm

Shown on Standard mattresses below

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  • Fast & Free Delivery

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Non-Toxic OEKO-TEX certified

  • Machine Washable

  • Planet-friendly packaging

    Eco-friendly packaging that's good for the planet. Our blankets are sent in recyclable boxes with no nasty plastic involved.

  • Cool, crisp 100% cotton cover

    Our blankets feature a cool, crisp and removable 100% cotton cover and a cotton weighted insert filled with fine-grade glass beads.

  • Movement minimised

    Your outer cover and weighted insert are held securely in place with premium rope ties to minimise movement and keep the weight in the right place.

  • Zipping system for changing covers

    Time to wash the cover? Easily remove your cover from the weighted insert using our clever zipping system.

Great Sleep Changes Everything.

And we mean everything.

Your mood, immune system, memory, energy levels, motivation and mindset all do a happy dance when you get a good night’s sleep.

Well rested folks (a.k.a Sleep Heavy customers) make the world a brighter, calmer and happier place.

Good sleep is your secret weapon for happiness. Our weighted blankets make sure everyone gets to experience the benefits of quality sleep — especially those who struggle with relaxation and getting to sleep at night.

Made With Love, Engineered By Science.

Our weighted blankets use a method called ‘Deep Pressure Stimulation’ to relax your body and calm your nervous system.

The weight of your blanket triggers your body to make a switch from using your sympathetic nervous system (SNS) to your parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS).

Basically, your body will go from “fight or flight” mode, to “rest and digest”.

Mimicking the feeling of a comforting hug, our blankets help your heart rate slow, muscles relax and serotonin and melatonin to be released. It’s as if your entire body takes a deep breath, and calm washes over you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What weight should I get?

We recommend aiming for 10% of your body weight. Feel free to size up or down depending on your preference.


Chunky Knit 12 x 183cm

Single 122 x 183cm

Double 152 x 203cm

King/Queen 218 x 228cm

Kids 104 x 152cm

I’m a hot sleeper, will Sleep Heavy blankets make me overheat?

Not at all. Although our blankets are heavy, they’re designed to be breathable, especially our bamboo and cotton blankets. Cotton and bamboo both helps regulate your body temperature by absorbing and retaining heat from your body, keeping you the perfect temperature all night long.

Can I return/exchange my blanket if I get the wrong weight?

Yes, of course, so long that it’s within 30 days. Simply send us an email to to let us know you'd like to return or exchange your blanket.

How long does shipping take?

Your blanket will be dispatched from our Christchurch warehouse, and will be with you within 2-5 business days. Rural areas may take a day or two longer.

How will a Sleep Heavy weighted blanket help with my anxiety?

Our weighted blankets use a method called Deep Pressure Stimulation. The weight from your blanket encourages your body to make the switch from fight or flight to rest and digest, bringing a sense of calm and peace to your mind and body. You can find out more about how our blankets work here. 

Loved by thousands of happy kiwis

Don't just take our word for it. Our blankets are loved by thousands of happy Kiwis!

Customer Reviews
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Ashleigh A.
New Zealand

Best blanket I have purchased!

This blanket is amazing. It's great for when I have anxiety and need to have some calming time, I put it over me and within 10 minutes I'm calmer and grounded. It also helps with sleep as I have restless legs and wake up often during the night, however I have a full night's rest with the blanket. Thank you.

tracey p.
New Zealand New Zealand

Just what she needed

I bought my daughter this blanket on the advice from a professional. Easy to use website and prompt delivery. The best thing is that it’s given her the opportunity to sleep well throughout the night. Would absolutely recommend. Thank you

Anne H.
New Zealand New Zealand

Without doubt, a life changer!

This blanket is money well spent. It has literally changed my life. It is hard to explain how it feel and what it does, but all I can say is just try it. If you suffer from anxiety or if you need comfort, just give it a go. And no more night sweat…. Added bonus.

New Zealand New Zealand

Love it

I love it! So relaxing got a kids one for my boy too love the covers they come with

Peter U.
New Zealand New Zealand

Met or exceeded all claims

The weighted blanket did everything you said it would. We particularly appreciated the thought that went into details like the outer cover and the ties so that it would perform best with the fewest hassles. Also appreciated the solid construction; we've got pets and have moved it around and it is enduring well!

New Zealand New Zealand

Awesome find

I would buy another in the future. I think that says it all. Love supporting small businesses too

Sarah-Jane G.
New Zealand New Zealand

Perfectly snuggly

Absolutely awesome for a person like me who needs something breathable but heavy to sleep under, even during the summer! These blankets are so snuggly and stop me from wriggling around all night while remaining comforted! Can’t recommend enough. The price is definitely worth it as I’ve had mine for years and years with no visual wear and tear :)

New Zealand New Zealand


Bought for my husband, but I love it!

Saphire H.
New Zealand New Zealand

Absolutely Fantastic

Both my partner and I loved the weighted blanket, we are both people who struggle to get to sleep and this blanket helps your body relax and fall asleep fast. It is super cozy and soft to the touch, if you love cuddles this blanket is perfect as it feels as though you are being snuggled. Delivery was super fast ☺️ highly recommend

Saphire H.
New Zealand New Zealand

Absolutely Fantastic

Both my partner and I loved the weighted blanket, we are both people who struggle to get to sleep and this blanket helps your body relax and fall asleep fast. It is super cozy and soft to the touch, if you love cuddles this blanket is perfect as it feels as though you are being snuggled. Delivery was super fast ☺️ highly recommend

Shan M.
New Zealand New Zealand

Love this blanket

We have had this blanket on our bed for over a year and use it summer through to winter. It is very comforting and cozy, we wouldn’t be without it.

Charlotte S.
New Zealand New Zealand

Perfect for sensory sensitive kids

I bought this for my son who has asd and has sensory sensitivity. He immediately wrapped it around himself and said “I love it”! When I asked how it made him feel he said “safe”. He loves it and took it on school camp which helped with the anxiety of being away from home. Highly recommend and as a fan of natural fibres, the cotton is gorgeous.

New Zealand New Zealand

Absolutely love my heavy blanket

I've had this for over a year now and absolutely love it. I find it so relaxing and the weight is perfect for me. My 18 year old also loves it so we have purchased a heavy blanket for her too. I can't describe the difference it makes - I sleep so much better and feel a lot more relaxed. Definitely recommend. I got a cotton covered one which is perfect for me - a bit cooling in the summer.

New Zealand New Zealand

Absolutely love it!

I've always struggled with insomnia and anxiety, and I honestly can't believe how much my weighted blanket has helped with both the quality of my sleep and how long it takes me to fall asleep. It's super soft and the weighted blanket has ties on the sides so it doesn't bunch up inside the mink cover. Can't recommend enough!

New Zealand New Zealand

Sensory Heaven

My weighted blanket has saved my sleep. It use to take me houuuuurs to fall asleep due to my overactive ADHD nighttime brain. Now when I use my weighted blanket I'm asleep almost instantly. I also love hopping under it when I get the ADHD jitters. These blankets are honestly amazing, you cannot put a price on good quality sleep. The rest of my life has also improved since I started catching the right amount of Z's. I would recommend this to anyone who struggles to sleep. Thank you Sleep Heavy! You have done wonders for my mental and physical health.

Cherie P.
New Zealand New Zealand

Mink weighted blanket

Fast delivery and so easy to remove the cover to wash, highly recommend

Nicole J.
Australia Australia

Shift work sleep saver!

I work shifts in the Emergency Department and have struggled in the past to get to sleep post late shift, or night shifts with heightened adrenaline and racing brain. I now use this weighted blanket and find it so much easier to fall asleep post hectic shifts. Highly recommend for anyone in the same boat!

A Sleep Heavy Customer
New Zealand New Zealand


I use me weighted blanket every night and miss it when we go away on holiday. I bought the cotton one, but also got a mink cover for the winter months for the extra warmth.

New Zealand New Zealand

In love

It has made such a difference since I got it! I got the 13kg one when they had them and it’s awesome. I wanted to get another 13kgs however, I was informed they weren’t doing them. This would be my only criticism however, awesome people and amazing to communicate with! 100% recommend ☺️

New Zealand New Zealand

5 Stars!

I purchased one for my 8 year old son, who loved us to tuck his duvet under the mattress and was requesting a number of blankets on his bed because he liked the feeling of it. His dad is an occupational therapist and suggested a weighted blanket for him. I came across this site via a lot of googling and researching. I'm so glad we went with them as their blankets are so well made. Lovely fabric and you can tell the quality when you look at how its been made. The cover is easily washable too. Gorgeous packaging too! Most importantly, my son loves it. He never had any trouble sleeping but he really loves the feeling it gives him. It helps with sensory issues he has and it helps him feel secure and cuddled in! Money well spent.