Do you struggle with your sleep?

Do you struggle with your sleep?

The struggle to sleep is real -  in January 2020 (ahhh, the days pre-COVID, remember them?), a study showed that 40% of New Zealanders were spending less than seven hours a night actually getting some much needed zzzz’s. Seriously, that is shocking!

Whether we’re too ‘connected’ thanks to outside causes like social media, the internet, and work, or wrapped up in the news and temperature of the world we live in at any given moment, not sleeping affects our reaction times, how we think, and how we approach our day-to-day to-do list. It can also wreak havoc on our health, emotions and mental well-being. 

We make it no secret that Sleep Heavy was started from the need for our founders Cory and Indy to get a good night’s sleep. For many of us, adding a weighted blanket to our bedtime routine helps, but we also recommend taking a look around your bedroom and see if anything there may need improving. 

Our bedrooms are where we go to refresh and rejuvenate. Now, we know some folks took 2020 as their time to jump into DIY projects for their homes - it’s been a bit of a roller coaster with social distancing and COVID -  but what we’re suggesting isn’t so much a major overhaul, more like what we’ll refer to as your Sleep Heavy ‘zen adjustment.’ 

Make your bed

We sound like your mum, but seriously something so small can actually go a long way for your psyche! Start the day by making your bed - it automatically makes your room feel and look more tidy. Put away your clothes, you know the ones that you tossed aside when getting ready for dinner out the other night and were looking for the perfect top. It’s legit, give it a go. 

Block out light + rethink electronics

This is an oldie but a goodie. Make that room dark so you can rest! Blackout curtains are epic, why not get some for your room? Besides blocking out light, take inventory of the electronics in your room, like your phone. We’re married to these devices during the day, do you need it in your sleeping space too? If you use yours as an alarm clock (guilty!), get a clock and keep it in the bedroom. If you can’t part with your phone at night, at least think about putting it in airplane mode to give you silence and peace for the night. 

Aromatherapy for sleep

Essential oils have been known to help some folks with sleep issues, with lavender being the most widely recognized on the market. In NZ we have access to some of the most gorgeous and potent lavender in the world, and guess what? We even sell our own lavender oil to aid your sleep. Other essential oils such as bergamot, clary sage, chamomile, sweet marjoram and ylang ylang have also been found to aid in sleep - it depends on you and what you need. However, it’s a great (and budget-friendly) place to start. 

Meditate and wind down from the day

There’s beauty in adding a self care routine as part of your nighttime ritual. We’re fans of taking time out to meditate. You can use an app like Insight Timer or Calm, or - one of our faves - is to check follow along with Yoga With Me NZ’s Shirley McLeod (we love her yoga and she did a special nighttime meditation for us you can find here). We’ve also created a Spotify playlist to help you unwind and destress from your day before bed, too, if you wanna give it a follow. 

Wrap yourself in something soft

This is an easy fix - and one we can help with, too! Adding a yummy, comfy blanket to your bed will make it so much more inviting. Our Mink Weighted Blankets - as well as our new line of Chunky Knit Weighted Blankets - fits the bill perfectly. Honestly, having soft, luxurious items piled up around you when you’re in bed adds to the sensory experience of going to sleep, helping to promote a better night’s rest.
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